Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vellum & Paper Smooches with Savannah O'Gwynn

Hello, friends:}

**NOTE: This post has LOTS of photos! 

Savannah O'Gwynn here, and today it's all about VELLUM and 
Paper Smooches stamps and dies! Vellum is again a hot trend... and I share different ways to create with vellum, as well as how to attach it to your projects.

Here's the video:

Here's a couple of pictures of my cards using vellum as a highlight/accent:
Use glossy accents to attach vellum.
Paper Smooches stamps: Crystal Clear as well as several other stamps to create that custom sentiment; Paper Smooches dies: Crystal Clear1
Use stitching to attach vellum.
Use spray adhesive to attach vellum.

Use a sticker maker to create vellum accents.

Use staples to add vellum.
Here's a list of all the ways to adhere vellum on the video-- I know it's hard to see the results :(

I hope that my video helped you get excited about using vellum with your Paper Smooches stamps and dies! I hope that you will add vellum to your next creation-- don't be afraid of it!!! Please leave a comment below with a link to your project! I'd love to check it out:) 

**And don't forget if you leave a comment, please add your blog address and email so I can visit you too:) love hearing from the VS followers when you've created something based off of one of our videos:) So keep leaving comments and links- you could be our next VS FF!!! 

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Today we have a special Virtual Smooches Featured Fan- our VS FF is actually three teenage gals that came over to my house about a month ago. Justine, Miranda, and Alexis stopped by during a sleepover (Alexis lives a couple of doors down). I told them that they had to watch one of my videos and create their own project. **I didn't force them to watch the video-- but I told them in order to craft in my studio, they had to watch it first!
They chose to watch THIS video sharing how to make poppers. You can kind of see it on the laptop screen.
These gals got right to work stamping and die cutting! They are future crafters:)
Justine, Alexis, and Miranda

Afterwards, I shared all of my publications with them-- they had no idea what I did all day! It was so much fun to share my gifts with them! I have a feeling they will be back to craft again:) ***They also bothered Travis the ENTIRE night! They were here in our house from like 8pm-11pm! They kept calling for him to play some songs for them-- LOL! It really was a fun night!!

Congrats GIRLS!! Please email me at {sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com} to receive your VS FF badge!!! 

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your vellum cards!!! GORGEOUS!! And loving what the girls made!! FABULOUS!!!

cm said...

Fantastic cards, video, inspiration, ideas: the works! Oh, but you make Thursdays extra special with VS treats! I've 'just discovered' vellum and your ideas here have already been launched to my "must do" list! I'm excited to try a few of your suggestions with my PS products. And speaking of PS: I've added a few more to my wish list...order going in soon!! LOVE the new group of Featured Fans - and their creations are absolutely awesome!!! Thanks again for sharing!!

Virginia L. said...

Thanks for the awesome video, Savannah!! The vellum ideas and tips are excellent! Love your post about the future crafters!

Maureen Morton said...

Oh, my dear one! If you only knew. My friends laugh when I say that vellum scares me, but it does. You are such a gift........I never thought I could learn so much at one time about my scary thing. This is fantastic, Savannah! Not only is it clear and well-designed, now I feel like I REALLY know you. I will save this for future reference when I uncover my long-lost stash of the old nasty stuff. I may soon have a whole new relationship with vellum, thanks to you. Big hugs!

Kara Lynne said...

This video was fantastic! I loved watching you go through the options with the banners all on one paper. It makes so much sense! Your cards are all wonderful as well. Great job!

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of these tips. You are so fun to watch.

JanLee said...

I just found my love for vellum and attaching it has been an issue! Thank you so much for all the tips, it was easy to follow and very informative. :)

Chris D. said...

Savannah, thanks for this mountain of information about how to attach vellum! I just recently started to craft with it again. I have vellum tape (and thought that was the only way to attach it!) Facepalm! Now I know better! Here's a link to my project using vellum! I'd be delighted if you's stop by! ((hugs!))

Pam said...

Thanks for all the great tips Savannah!! I always have like the look of vellum, and am glad to see it becoming popular again!!

Jinny Newlin said...

Super tutorial, Savannah! My favorite way to adhere vellum is stitching, but I also use staples, mostly on layouts, or a touch of two-way glue, just where the stamping is. It's interesting to see that the vellum adhesive runner still shows through. I've always wanted to try that, but now, I'll steer clear ;). Oh! And I've used spray adhesive, too, but it tends to take away some of the opaque quality of the vellum and browns over time. Ick! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Thanks for ALL of the fabulous info Savannah!! I haven't used vellum in ages, need to dig some out and blow off the dust! Your third card with the yellow chevrons under the vellum sun rays is outstanding!!!

Larissa Heskett said...

wow!! loving your fun ideas!! such awesome designs!! thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!! =)

Katie Ann Brooks said...

I totally struggle with velumn so thanks for this awesome possum tutorial Sav! I have got to try some of these! I know you said it is hard to show stitching butif youever find a way would love to see how to do that better on paper. You are da' bomb!

Cathy P in AZ said...

Such a great video Savannah! Vellum is difficult to work with but you gave so many ways to master our vellum LOL! LOVE your cards - especially the gold sunshine card! FABULOUS.

Miriam Prantner said...

Sav thanks so much for this post! I was actually asking around the other day about vellum adhesive. I have used the Tombow Vellum, but I also hate that you can see it. Works great if you're putting it on white, but anything darker isn't great, and I had been contemplating trying the sticker adhesive, just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Thank you!!!

Samantha Mann said...

amazing video!!! yet again!! i am seriously in LOVE (and so thankful!) that you compared all of the different ways to adhere vellum side by side!! GENIUS!! i never would have thought of the spray adheasive!! i'm so glad you showed that!! and for some reason, running vellum through my xyron never occurred to me either! and those are the best!! i love the different vibes that sewing and stapling gives off when used with vellum too! wow!! so so so informative!! i sort of want to get crafting with some vellum now!!!
ps - i love that you told the girls they had to watch a video first before going into your craft room!!! ha ha!! it reminded me of watching a safety video before doing something!! so smart!! and they chose a FANTASTIC video!! love those poppers!

Samantha Mann said...

woo hoo! i finally put one of your awesome tutorials to use!!!

sewing on vellum!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!