Thursday, November 7, 2013

O'Gwynn Oscars (by Travis O'Gwynn)

Hello, friends:} 

Travis O'Gwynn here today- I've taken over since Savannah ran out of time for a video (I took her away for a week for a cruise). I told her to "stamp, ribbon, done" for a card, but she said "NO!" So we decided to share my top 3 Virtual Smooches videos. We are calling this the O'Gwynn Oscars

#3 Creating Wax Seals
Travis Truth: I don't know why I like the video, but I do like the project! And Savannah even shared a picture of me watching this video with some friends HERE. I was a VS Featured Fan!!! 

#2 Etching With Paper Smooches dies
Travis Truth: Etching on glass? Who does that? That takes TALENT! 

And my #1 video..... Creating Poppers
Travis Truth: I like the rainbow Leprechaun popper... he lives in my studio to give me "good luck". I also love cupcakes... so this was a 2-for-1 video:) 

The TRUTH's really hard for me to narrow it down to just my top 3 favorite videos. Every week is my NEW favorite. 

Thanks for supporting my favorite crafter, my wife!
Until we meet again, 

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cm said...

How awesome x delightful x charming is it to have Trav weigh in on his top 3 videos! LOVE his take on each one, but the best comment is his last one! He is such a treasure, Sav - definitely a keeper!!! I, too, love allll your videos, but if I had to choose a couple favourites, I'd go with the one on how to extend the notebook dies (I've done that like a zillion times!), and the inspiration with the power rays dies. Oh, and the pencil toppers, and...hmmm. Apparently I'm with Trav: all your videos, and cards, and projects are amazing!! Hugs to you both for making my day sparkly!!

Shannon J said...

This is just awesome! What a FAB guy, and I love his "truths"!!! Makes my heart melt that he is so proud and support of you - just as he should be ;) !!! Hope you two are having an awesome cruise!

Virginia L. said...

Oh what FUN to have Travis "hijacking" the PS blog! I understand the pain in having to choose Top 3, Travis. All of Savannah's videos are top-notch! Thanks for highlighting the top 3. Hope you guys are enjoying your time away! xoxo

Maureen Morton said...

What fun to get to know Travis and yay for him taking you on a fun trip. Love the memories of these videos...always good to refresh. Know you are having a joyous time - enjoy!

Chris D. said...

Ok, now I like Travis even more! How cool that he gave his top video pics! Loved the Travis Truths! LOL! Hope that you are both having a blast on your cruise!